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Portfolio Spotlight: Interview with Abrado Executive Chairman, Martyn Fear

We caught up with Martyn Fear, Abrado Executive Chairman on Abrado’s leading Medusa technology and performance optimization via its ‘Operations Excellence’ approach. It was recently announced that you were appointed as Executive Chairman for Abrado, how has your remit changed or expanded since that

EV Private Equity Launches its Charitable Foundation

Today we announced the launch of the EV Private Equity Charitable Initiative (EVCI), which has seen us donate much-needed funds, as well as the team’s time and business skills, to support local Aberdeen charities. The annual initiative will benefit local charities based within the areas in

Portfolio Spotlight: Meet Geoteric

A key step at the beginning of any project is identifying risk and putting measures in place to mitigate it. For some projects to be sanctioned, a deep subsurface understanding of reservoirs is essential to prove that it is a sound investment. This can often mean detecting faults that

Responsible investing in the energy sector

By Karem Kobayashi, Compliance Manager at EV Private Equity This article first appeared in Energy Voice on 24/02/2020 Disruptive environmental protests from activists like Greta Thunberg and groups such as Extinction Rebellion have dominated the news headlines of late, and with increased government scrutiny on corporate ethics, we are seeing

In the News: Karem Kobayashi discusses responsible investing in the energy sector

This week our Compliance Manager, Karem Kobayashi, spoke with Energy Voice to share her insights into the changing attitudes towards responsible investing, and how priorities have changed across the energy sector as environmental impact takes centre stage in the boardroom. Karem Kobayashi, EV Compliance Manager In the

Eddyfi/NDT Acquires EV Private Equity portfolio company, Halfwave, & its ART Technology

Québec, Canada, February 18th, 2020 — Eddyfi/NDT announced today the acquisition of Halfwave, headquartered in Bergen, Norway. Halfwave is the owner of the proprietary Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART), an ultrasound-based technique which allows high-precision measurements in imperfect conditions and without the need for liquid couplant. The company is currently active