About UsAchieving greenhouse gas emission reduction through differentiated technology investments

As a technology-focused impact investor we are committed to applying our specialist expertise, experience and global reach to build world-class companies which generate attractive returns while materially reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Through our investment in innovative technologies, we will achieve long-term value creation.

We’re contributing to the resolution of the most pressing issues facing our planet by:

  • meeting the growing demand for energy whilst facilitating the energy transition
  • striving for continuous energy efficiency improvements in industrial value chains
  • replacing hydrocarbons wherever possible and researching sustainable solutions
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions

We are committed to helping achieve the Paris Agreement targets on global warming through our differentiated strategy, distinctive stewardship and commitment to UNPRI.


We believe it is vital to acknowledge our shared humanity and the common challenges we face. We remain true to our traditional Norwegian concept of dugnad – working together to achieve common goals for the greater good – a core value for the global energy world of tomorrow.

The following values define our culture:

Integrity: treating others with honesty and respect

Imagination: seeking creative new solutions in everything we do

Intelligence: leveraging our knowledge and global network to benefit portfolio companies and investors

Inclusion: partnering with management and investors to maximise value creation


When we began our journey in 2002, our mission was to establish a company that would foster innovation and business growth, by supporting energy companies in bringing efficiency to the market through technology enabled products and services.

Following a number of years working for BP in management positions, our Managing Partner, Helge Tveit, fell in love with the idea of establishing a private equity firm. Aged just 35 and armed with an MBA from the University of Chicago, and a wealth of energy industry experience, he teamed up with former Smedvig CEO, Ole Melberg with his big idea. The pair went into business and so Energy Ventures (as it was known then) was born in 2002.

Helge and Ole grew the firm with investment from Argentum, the Norwegian state private equity fund, and brought Einar Gamman into the team. With significant experience at senior executive level, Einar’s appointment cemented the management team, and they quickly exceeded their capital raising target of NOK 1billion.

In 2014, Energy Ventures merged with Norway-based Progressus Management, a move that was consistent with the strategic direction of focusing on growth equity investments. This evolution of strategy enabled us to build on our historic successes in providing growth capital to technology focused businesses.

The merger was followed by a rebrand in 2017, which saw Energy Ventures become EV Private Equity. While we changed, so did the world around us and the climate change emergency emerged as one of the biggest global challenges of our time.

With action needed now to protect future generations from this threat, the energy sector is undergoing an immense transformation and EV Private Equity is part of this.

While our commitment to investing in trailblazing, high-return technologies remains unwavering, these technologies must also prove how they can, and are, effecting a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Our ability to spot the potential of new technology, and help these companies in their future growth has been a key driver in our international success and will continue to help us weather financial storms and emerge stronger than ever.


primary investments

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tonnes CO2e avoided in 2021 *


years’ cross sector experience


portfolio reduction in Scope 1+2 carbon intensity


current portfolio companies


growth in portfolio workforce

* The amount corresponds to 3rd party assessed avoided emissions (scope 4) enabled by the technologies or services provided by our portfolio companies.