Responsible Investment As a responsible investor, we monitor the impact of our investments on the environment, the economy and the society, as well as the company’s impact on its customers’ emissions. We achieve this through our proprietary impact and sustainability measurement framework, which is fully compliant with the EU taxonomy.

Responsible Investment

We acknowledge the need for governments, investors, businesses and communities to align towards the Paris agreement and CO2 emissions reduction. As such, we will only invest in companies or technologies that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

At EV Private Equity, we are committed to playing our part in meeting climate goals on emissions reduction.

We seek to make a broader positive impact beyond climate change by investing responsibly to create sustainable shareholder value. Hence, through our ownership we ensure that our portfolio companies:

  • Do minimum harm to the environment
  • Support local economies and communities
  • Operate safely and in accordance with the strictest HSE regulations
  • Promote equal opportunities and encourage diversity and inclusion
  • Enforce zero tolerance to bribery, corruption and modern slavery
  • Encourage ethical and transparent behaviour


Access our Responsible Investment policy here.