Attractive returns,
quantifiable impact,
sustainable energy technology

Committed to building world-class companies.

Mission As a technology-focused impact investor we are committed to applying our specialist expertise, experience and global reach to build world-class companies which generate attractive returns. In parallel, our investments are contributing to the energy transition and the challenge of materially reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Our distinctive investment strategy is predicated on taking controlling positions in sustainable, high-growth, differentiated technology businesses in the lower mid-market segment. In doing so, we target tangible impact to combat global warming.

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EV Private Equity is a technology-focused impact investor. We are committed to maximising investment returns for our limited partners while delivering material reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. We measure this using carbon accounting tool, xIQ.

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Responsible Investment

As responsible investors, we continuously monitor the impact of our investments on the environment, the economy and society. We strongly believe that the key to creating sustainable shareholder value is working collaboratively to achieve common goals for the greater good.

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Our expert investment team benefits from a uniquely powerful combination of international technical, business and finance acumen at CEO-level.

  • 9 nationalities
  • 9 avg. number of years partners have worked together
  • All partners have CEO experience
  • 13 master degrees in business
  • 8 Bsc/MSc in engineering
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News Overview


EV announces 2021 CEO, CFO and ESG Company of the Year

This week we welcomed EV’s community of investors to our annual Investor Conference. Held virtually, we reflected on portfolio company results from 2021, shared our future investment focus and updated attendees on our continuously evolving ESG...

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EV Private Equity announces Evolution Engineering has been sold to strategic acquirer  

November 10, 2021 — Evolution Engineering, a Calgary-based company with leading measurement-while-drilling and subsurface communications technology, has been divested to a strategic acquirer by EV Private Equity. Evolution Engineering has been...

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Sustainability News

EV Private Equity offsets 5,000kg of plastic from our oceans

The ocean has been described as Earth’s ‘life support’. We rely on it to regulate our climate, absorb CO2 and provide a source of food for our growing population. Producing as much as half of the world’s oxygen and storing 50 times more...

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Case study


Halfwave’s innovative acoustic asset integrity inspection technology platform transforms pipeline maintenance and offshore wind farm efficiency while substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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