StrategyDelivering impact, here and now.

We’re offering attractive returns to over 50 global investors who place their trust in us to protect their capital, and ensure sustainable value beyond returns.

Investment focus and criteria

Our focus is set on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Our target is to deliver a substantial and meaningful impact per Euro invested, with impact achievements assessed yearly by a third party.

From 2021 onwards, we have committed to removing one tonne of CO2e from the atmosphere for every €300 invested.

We invest only in companies where we see transformational potential. By nurturing company growth with cross-sector experience and implementing future-proof strategies, we ensure companies are strategically placed for tomorrow and beyond.

Our investments fit a very precise profile.

  • Are in the growth stage of development with experienced management teams
  • Have a differentiated offering, underpinned by technology
  • Possess a scalable business model
  • And most importantly, are already enabling substantial emissions reduction to carbon-intensive, energy demanding operations.

Measurement of impact

We’re encouraging the next evolution of impact investing. We founded xIQ (now MoreScope), a Scope 1-3 and 4 emissions measurement software that provides insight to ensure the sustainability of investment decisions.

Now fully commercial and based on the recognised principles of the GHG protocol, MoreScope provides the investment sector with a tool to accurately assess, measure and report on company’s greenhouse gas emissions and emissions avoidance contributions. 

2022 Annual Sustainability Report

Energy technology investments for a sustainable future

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