EV Private Equity reveals the winners of ‘Best Energy Transition Video’ and ‘Best Energy Transition Photography’ student competition awards

To celebrate Earth’s month, EV Private Equity launched a contest among the students of Bergeland Videregaaende skole, a local Stavanger upper secondary school.

Led by Lecturer in Media and Communication, Minna Anneli Suojoki, the students were divided into groups of 3-5 members and asked to capture inspiring images of Stavanger around the Energy Transition theme. The categories included:

  • Best Energy Transition Video
  • Best Energy Transition Photography

The students were given four weeks to complete the work, submitting it at the end of March.

Following a review by its internal committees, EV Private Equity was pleased to announce the winners:

  • Best Energy Transition Video: Alexander, Sebastian, Sondre and Teo
  • Best Energy Transition Photography: Katrina, Catryna and Daniil

Minna Anneli Suojoki (Lecturer in Media and Communication), Merete Sagen Sælevik (Lecturer in Science) and Håvard Onsrud (Lecturer in English), said: “Thank you to EV for giving us an opportunity to inspire students to combine photography and media subjects with key concepts in science. The students have tackled the task with enthusiasm and a desire to learn. This project has been a positive element in a busy everyday life, and this is something we want to do more of. This project has been completely in line with the new curriculum, where interdisciplinary work is important.”

Karem Kobayashi, Partner and Head of Responsible Investment, commented: “We were very pleased to see the efforts put in by the teams. They exceeded our expectations in terms of commitment, creativity and professionalism, taking the time to learn about EV Private Equity and key sustainability topics. We felt inspired by their perspectives and sentiments towards climate change and sustainability. We thank the school lecturers and the participants for delivering such an inspiring project for EV Private Equity.”

Managing Partner, Helge Tveit said: “I would like to extend a sincere thank you to the talented group of media students who recently completed this project on the topic of energy transition. Their creativity and dedication resulted in a series of compelling short films and photos that effectively capture our company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation”.

Best Energy Transition Photography:


Best Energy Transition Video: