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EV Private Equity completes deal to purchase Enhanced Drilling from Altor

Enhanced Well Technologies AS, a company owned and controlled by EV Private Equity (“EV”) and a major global oil company, has completed the purchase of Enhanced Drilling Holding AS (“Enhanced Drilling”) from the Altor 2003 Fund and Altor Fund II (jointly known as “Altor”). Altor initially

Supporting the Gathimba Edwards Foundation

EV Private Equity is delighted to support the Gathimba Edwards Foundation by matching the donation total raised by our very own Jackie Burke for her trip to Karatina, Kenya in October. The trip is entirely self-funded by Jackie, and all donations go towards building materials to construct four houses for

The Future of UKCS: Small (and Agile) is Beautiful

by Greg Herrera, Senior Partner When the Americans decided to embark on the space programme for the moon landings in the early 1960s, they famously said that they chose to do it “not because it is easy but because it is hard”. Something of that pioneering spirit can be

Collaboration is King

by Greg Herrera, Senior Partner Sometimes it’s only by looking at the extremes of behaviour beyond your own industry that you get a sense of what is possible, desirable and profitable. This applies especially in supply chain collaboration, where we in the upstream oil and gas

Shale Shock

by Helge Tveit, Managing Partner Dogged by poor recovery rates and rapidly declining well output, the shale oil sector has disappointed since the initial boom. But investment in innovative refracking technologies can change that dynamic and deliver on the promise of rapid returns at lower risk. In

We are hiring: Junior Analyst, Aberdeen

EV Private Equity is an independent private equity firm investing in the upstream oil and gas sector. Through our investments, we play an active role in securing a safer,  more productive and sustainable future for the E&P industry. Headquartered in Stavanger, Norway with offices in Houston,

The Shape of Things to Come

We look forward to the digital oil field of 2030 and reveal the digital roadmap that will enable the industry to get there. by Per Arne Jensen, Senior Partner The year 2030 sounds futuristic. It seems a long way off. In fact, we are closer to

Looking to the future

by Einar Gamman, Senior Partner In a series of blogs, our senior partner, Einar Gamman explores the industry’s hot topics – the burning questions we need to address to guarantee the oil and gas sector doesn’t just survive but thrives. Einar discusses the importance of