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Thank you for joining EV Private Equity at SuperInvestor today. We're pleased to meet you and look forward to sharing our investment vision and unique ESG-led approach.

Meet today's team

We’re pleased to introduce you to our SuperInvestor team.

Einar Gamman l Senior Partner & Impact Lead

As the third employee to join EV, Einar Gamman helped shape the organisation’s culture and guided many of our portfolio companies successfully through our value chain, from deal sourcing to exit.

Spearheading strategic discussions around our investment focus and managing the development of our proprietary greenhouse gas impact assessment tool, EV IQ, Einar has a longstanding drive for creating positive impact through investment.

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Tomas Hvamb l Partner 

Joining EV in 2021, Tomas was drawn to EV by his desire to make a real impact on the environment developing the next generation of energy technology companies. In addition to his role, Tomas sits on the board of five EV portfolio companies across our four key technology domains.

Following businesses from origination to exit path, and working with fellow board members and management teams on growth strategy, Tomas’s expertise is invaluable in helping nurture, grow and shape our portfolio.

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About EV Private Equity

We’re driving the decarbonisation of the energy industry to align with global climate targets.

Our main impact focus is on reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through sustainable energy technology. From 2021 onwards, we have committed to removing one tonne of CO2e from the atmosphere for every $300 invested.

Our investments fit a very precise profile. They are all in the growth stage of development with experienced management teams; enjoy positive EBITDA; have a differentiated offering in terms of technology; and possess a scalable business model.

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Sustainability Report

We acknowledge the need for governments, investors, businesses and communities to align towards the Paris agreement and CO2 emissions reduction. As such, we will only invest in companies or technologies that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Responsible investment and creating sustainable shareholder value is at the heart of EV Private Equity, and we’re committed to playing our role as we transition to a low carbon future.

Download our 2020 Sustainability Report here.

Sustainability Report