Looking to the future of the oil and gas industry

by Einar Gamman, Senior Partner

In a series of blogs, our senior partner, Einar Gamman looks into the future of the oil and gas industry, exploring the sector’s hot topics – the burning questions we need to address to guarantee the oil and gas sector doesn’t just survive, but thrives.

Einar discusses the importance of balancing the demand for energy with the need for sustainability; the vital role of digital transformation, as well as how we can continue attracting young talent into the industry. This is his third blog in this series.

Looking to the future of the oil and gas industry, there is one important long-term trend that is impacting the sector, and that is the transition to natural gas as the future primary fossil energy source.  This trend is already front and central on the geopolitical agenda and we think it will become even more important in the next two decades. Differentiated business models, new technologies and services will clearly be needed in this area to make this happen.

But, the future isn’t just about us. The younger generations entering the career ladder face a dilemma.  Due to our industry´s history and how it´s perceived, there can be a reluctance to seek a career in the oil and gas industry. There is therefore a danger that we will lose out on the young talent that we really need to take our industry into a sustainable future.

young talent and sustainable future Einar Gamman quote

We need to show the next generation that the oil and gas industry is modern, clean and actually a very exciting and attractive place to work. If we, the current leaders in oil and gas, don’t promote this attitude, we will soon struggle to access future competency and to attract key individuals. Without facing up to these challenges, we and our companies will run high risk of being left behind.

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