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Supporting the Gathimba Edwards Foundation

EV Private Equity is delighted to support the Gathimba Edwards Foundation by matching the donation total raised by our very own Jackie Burke for her trip to Karatina, Kenya in October. The trip is entirely self-funded by Jackie, and all donations go towards building materials to construct four houses for four families. Over this two-week construction period, three houses will be built, and the materials to build the fourth house will be passed on to local help to be built once the volunteers leave.

During the past four years, the Gathimba Edwards Foundation volunteer building trips have helped build homes for 162 children, giving kids in Kenya a chance. We are so pleased to help fund this life-changing trip, helping to lay the foundations for a brighter future. The families chosen have been selected as they are in the greatest need of new homes, currently living in improper and unsafe conditions.

Follow #joinmeinkenya and see how Jackie is preparing for this tremendous experience you can read her updates on her LinkedIn page.

Whilst in Karatina, Jackie and the team will film their progress and vlog their milestones. You can catch these over on the EV YouTube channel.

We wish Jackie all the best for her trip and can’t wait to see the homes created for the Alice, Elizabeth, Winlydia and Barako families. You too can donate to help change lives over on Jackie’s fundraising page.

Jackie Burke