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In the News with Karem Kobayashi: Responsible Investment in the Energy Sector

This week our Compliance Manager, Karem Kobayashi, spoke with Energy Voice to share her insights into the changing attitudes towards responsible investment in the energy sector, and how priorities have changed across the industry as environmental impact takes centre stage in the boardroom.

Karem Kobayashi Energy Sector Investing

In the piece she discusses;

  • Her take as an investor in the energy sector and the opportunities she sees for innovation and increased efficiencies as companies are placed in the harsh spotlight of public opinion as never before
  • The role of technology in transforming the industry, and the companies breaking ground when it comes to the energy transition
  • How responsible investment practices in the energy sector have evolved in-line with changing views on ESG and the challenges surrounding this
  • The cultural shift at EV Private Equity and how we have transformed the way we invest
  • The importance of leaders leading by example and engaging their workforce to create a business that operates for good
  • The future outlook for a cleaner and safer industry and how technologies can be fuelled by differentiated technologies

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