In the news with Einar Gamman: Offshore Engineer

Einar Gamman, our Senior Partner, recently spoke to Offshore Engineer to share his thoughts on how the global pandemic, paired with the climate emergency, has forced sustainability to jump up higher on the agenda for many oil majors.

He outlines why the environmental efforts are so important to aid the energy transition, and highlights that during this time, although there is pressure to maintain sustainable operations within industry, many oil and gas producers are struggling with low margins and decreased activity levels.

Einar Gamman

Einar points out that the companies who carefully consider long-term environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors during this difficult time, despite the current strain on the industry, will be highly commended by the supply chain, investors and consumers.

He goes on to express his hope that this emphasis on sustainability will continue, and that big players in the industry will turn their net zero plans into actions, not just ambitious goals.

At EV Private Equity we strive to support the energy transition through strategic investments in companies delivering emission-reducing and energy-efficient solutions. Check out more insight from Einar below on the future of digital tech in oil and gas.

You can read the full article in Offshore Engineer here.