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Acoustic Zoom Inc.

Acoustic Zoom Inc. is an advanced geophysical company specializing in innovative seismic solutions to visualize the character of complex geological formations and reservoirs with unprecedented resolution and detail.

Evolution Engineering

EVOLUTION ENGINEERING delivers purpose-built MWD products that exceed today’s drilling requirements for performance and reliability.


ROMAR specializes in the provision of innovative, cost-effective technologies associated with magnetic separation, decontamination of drilling fluids and spill prevention and containment.


MorphPackers deliver revolutionary and highly innovative expandable steel packers specializing in refrac packers and production packers for the global oil and gas sector.


Wireless Seismic

Wireless Seismic manufactures the only wireless seismic data acquisition system with real-time data return, improving safety and data quality while lowering operating costs.


HalfWave offers an ultra wideband acoustic inspection technology based on half-wave resonance to improve pipeline and riser inspection and address asset integrity issues.


ProSep offers products and purpose-designed solutions to remove solid, liquid or gaseous contaminants from oil, gas and produced water streams. Our company does this by drawing on a combination of experienced people and efficient processes.

Deep Casing Tools

Deep Casing Tools’ products facilitate running casing and completion strings to targeted depth reducing well cost and improving well integrity and reservoir contact.

Aquaterra Energy

Aquaterra Energy Group is a seabed to surface provider of engineering services, equipment sales and rental, and offshore structures, primarily focused on the shallow water market.


Energy Drilling Pte Ltd

Energy Drilling Pte Ltd builds and manages self-erecting tender assist drilling rigs to deliver the best-in-class service to oil and gas operators.

Enpro Subsea

Enpro Subsea are production optimisation specialists. Enpro’s unique field proven solutions enable capital efficient, future proof and flexible field development using standard subsea hardware.  Their specialist hydraulic intervention services provide high pressure, deepwater well stimulation and pipeline commissioning.  Enpro also offers field development consulting and is the leader in OSPAR compliant characterization and removal of cell contents for decommissioning of GBS Structures.

Pangeo Subsea

Pangeo Subsea provides underwater acoustic technology services aimed at identifying geohazards, before major seabed construction and installation projects.

Fotech Solutions Ltd.

Fotech Solutions Ltd. offers innovative optical fiber-based acoustic systems to enable precise & continuous monitoring of hydrocarbon flow & downhole/surface equipment.


Safran offers a wide range of software for project control, as well as consultancy within planning and project management. Safran Software Solutions is a leading supplier of planning and project management software and consultancy.

Hicor Technologies

Hicor Technologies (formerly OsComp Systems) has developed a positive displacement, liquid-injected rotary compressor for efficient wet gas handling, enabling producers to simplify the infrastructure needed to get natural gas and liquids from the wellhead to the processing facility.


Bluware Corp is a privately-owned company that produces game-changing solutions for the most challenging objectives in the petrotechnical world. Bluware’s Headwave software platform is used by some of the biggest names in E&P to accelerate digital transformation initiatives, delivering both near-term ROI and long-term strategic value. Working in close collaboration with industry leaders, Bluware develops software that leaps ahead of long-time established offerings to drive business innovation and a whole new way of working.


WellConnection is Norway’s leading company within inspection, maintenance and repair services (IMR) for drilling and subsea equipment. WellConnection is strategically located covering the whole of the Norwegian Continental Shelf within the Subsea and Drilling segments.

Abrado Wellbore Services

Abrado Wellbore Services specializes in creating the optimum wellbore environment through the implementation of innovative downhole cleanout tools, chemical stimulation treatments and video-based diagnostic technology services.

Westwood Global Energy Group

Westwood Global Energy Group provides deep, insightful business intelligence tools and research for prominent global themes across the Upstream E&P and Supply Chain. Key offerings by the Group are Atlas online and Analytics by Hannon Westwood, the Wildcat Global Exploration Services by Richmond Energy Partners and the Sectors Subscription Services.

Workover Solutions

Workover Solutions provide thru-tubing tools, service and personnel for the completion, workover and gas storage markets.

Rival Downhole Tools

Rival Downhole Tools rents, sells and services best-in-class drilling and thru tubing downhole tools to the upstream oil and gas industry. Founded in 2002 the company leverages its Ashmin legacy, an engineering firm focused on the creation of new technology, for the deployment of its technologies to directional drilling companies, downhole rental tool suppliers, drilling contractors and E&P companies.


GeoTeric® is the only complete Cognitive InterpretationTM System, allowing you to see the geology in your seismic data before interpreting. It provides interactive workflows from data conditioning to the delineation of geological elements required to build a 3D model.


 FourPhase specializes in optimizing oil and gas production by reducing sediments from the production flow using a dynamic de-sander system.

Add Energy

Add Energy provides consulting and software solutions for unlocking efficiencies and improving uptime in the oil and gas sector.