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About EV

EV Private Equity is an independent growth equity firm dedicated to creating value and driving superior returns for our investors. We invest in new technologies which lower costs, increase productivity and reduce risk and carbon footprint for the energy industry. Our team of investment experts deploy proven practices across our global network to grow world-class companies and deliver competitive returns for our investors.


With offices in Stavanger, Aberdeen and Houston, we are immersed in the global energy sector, and use our unique insights into this dynamic marketplace to make informed decisions.


With five funds and assets under management of more than $1 billion, EV Private Equity has a strong portfolio of more than 20 companies. We are proud of the close relationships we cultivate with our portfolio companies – working in partnership with them to achieve our shared goals is the key to our success in growing companies to their full potential.

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+320 years combined experience in the oil and gas, private equity and financial sectors


+1500 employees across our portfolio companies


+20 portfolio companies


+$300 million – combined turnover of portfolio companies


$1 billion in assets under management