Zilift Advances Downhole Electrical Machine Design

Zilift Ltd. has made further investment into assembly line equipment and is increasing staff numbers in both its UK and US bases in response to early demand for the technology firm’s TorqueDrive™ innovation.

Substantial product orders have been made by a major Californian heavy-oil operator, after TorqueDrive™ exceeded initial field trial expectations in the US. The technology is currently undergoing additional field trials in Bakersfield, California. Currently undergoing field trials in California, the technology looks set to transform heavy oil artificial lift operations globally.

Iain Maclean, CEO of Zilift said: “TorqueDrive™ is powered by the smallest downhole artificial lift motor to be successfully installed in an oil well globally, the most significant advancement in downhole electrical machine design for thirty years.

Due to successful initial field trials in early 2014, the company made significant investment in North America, creating a US entity, Zilift Inc., through which it intends to market TorqueDrive™ from its 3,600 sq. ft. facility in Bakersfield.

This announcement received 3rd party industry coverage in both World Oil and Oil and Gas Financial Journal.