Turbocaser™ Express Tools Enable Bonavista Energy to Land Casings at First Attempt

Deep Casing Tools, which has a range of innovative tools designed to land casing and completions at target depth within oil or gas wells, has achieved significant sales growth success in western Canada during 2013. The 7” Turbocaser™ Express series tools (“TCE700”) have enabled casing strings to be successfully landed by Bonavista Energy Corporation at target depth on first attempt, re-establishing the borehole and avoiding risk of significant downtime.

These TCE700 tools were deployed at Bonavista Energy’s Pine Creek field in northern Alberta and the Sylvan Lake field of west central Alberta in Canada. Both fields suffer from having multiple sloughing coal seams through the lower part of the build section of the well and are prone to create casing landing problems in well trajectories of up to 85 degrees.

The turbine powered reaming capability of the TCE700 resulted in landing casing at target depth after reaming sections of up to 275M (900 ft). The casings were cemented normally through the Turbocaser™ Express and the rapid drill-thru capability of the motor allowed drilled out with 156mm (6 1/8”) PDC bits in less than 15 minutes. Landing the casings on target enabled laterals to be drilled as planned.

Lance Davis, CEO of Deep Casing Tools, said: “Bonavista Energy has been successfully applying Deep Casing Tools’ technology to improve the well construction process. Based on this success, more tools have since been deployed.” 

Deep Casing Tools’ reaming and unique drill through technology provides significant time and cost savings when compared to conventional methods. With the new ability to ream while running in, the casing can be run sooner while the hole is in best condition, eliminating wiper trips and open hole exposure.