READ Cased Hole Wins Cased Hole Logging Contract with Hess Denmark ApS

Aberdeen-based production and integrity evaluation specialist READ Cased Hole (READ) has been awarded a cased hole logging contract by Hess Denmark ApS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hess Corporation and one of the world’s leading independent oil and gas companies. The framework contract appoints READ as the preferred provider on a four year basis with one year extension option available. Building on a 17-year track record of successful operations in the region this contract further extends READ’s presence in the Danish North Sea and enhances their reputation as a leading provider of production and integrity evaluation services for complex, horizontal wells.

Earlier this year Hess announced plans to drill four production wells and begin one water-injection well in the South Arne field in Denmark, where the company holds 62% interest as operator. This further investment follows from the recently completed 1 billion USD Phase III redevelopment project to help extend the productive life from the field. READ’s combination of unique technology and diagnostic prowess deliver quantitative assessment of downhole well performance, providing Hess with valuable insights to help maximise efficiency and enable cost-effective recovery for those newly drilled wells in a field that’s been in production since 1999.

“It’s a great win for all of us at READ”, said Roy Martin, READ CEO. “We’ve been working on this opportunity for the last year and we are delighted to have such a key role in this project and be able to make a difference for Hess when it comes to production optimisation.”

Working with operators on late life field development projects is not new for READ as the company specialises in production optimisation through fast and accurate data analysis driven to increase effective recovery. It’s an area where READ has 25 years’ worth of experience and much ambitions to keep optimisation standards rising.

As part of the Phase III development Hess engineers introduced an innovative lower completion technology, consisting of up to fifteen discrete production zones and ball-drop activated sliding sleeves, resulting in significant efficiency improvements during stimulation operations as well as accelerating early production. This completion system, combined with carefully executed operational programmes, enabled customised acid fracturing of each zone delivered simultaneously with drilling and construction operations (SIMOPs). The success of the Phase III development has been recognised in a white paper published by the Society of Petroleum Engineers in which Hess engineers underline the importance of inter-operator information exchange, joint venture research programmes and collaboration between the multiple contractors involved in the project.

“This contract award is not only a commercial win for READ, but it’s also a noteworthy development for the industry as it clearly recognises the value of cooperation between operators and contractors when it comes to maximising recovering and improving efficiency” said READ Chairman, Gavin Prise.