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Rival Downhole Tools

Rival Downhole Tools rents, sells and services best-in-class drilling and thru tubing downhole tools to the upstream oil and gas industry. Founded in 2002 the company leverages its Ashmin legacy, an engineering firm focused on the creation of new technology, for the deployment of its technologies

Workover Solutions

Workover Solutions provide thru-tubing tools, service and personnel for the completion, workover and gas storage markets.

Wireless Seismic

Wireless Seismic manufactures the only wireless seismic data acquisition system with real-time data return, improving safety and data quality while lowering operating costs.

Reality Mobile®

Reality Mobile® provides enterprise software for real time video communication using existing infrastructure to enhance mission critical decision making by enabling subject matter experts on-demand.


DDS delivers a compact subsea & pipeline compression system with high-speed permanent magnet motors & generators. DDS was bought by FMC Technology in September 2009.


OsComp provides a unique end-to-end transportation solution for natural gas with their virtual pipeline system, making it easy for customers to switch to natural gas a primary energy source. Integral to our company’s expertise is designing, developing, installing, maintaining and repairing natural gas equipment.


DeepFlex offers the only unbonded flexible pipe for offshore production. Improves flow assurance due to strength, corrosion-resistance & ease of installation.

Oxane Materials, Inc.

Oxane Materials, Inc. manufactures the only nano-structured ceramic proppants with strength/weight ratios that provide a paradigm shift in proppant transport & conductivity.


NovaDrill is developing next generation Rotary Steering Tools, MWD/LWD Tools and PDC Bits that will revolutionize geosteering & drilling performance.NovaDrill was sold in February 2010.


SageRider combines a portfolio of technology-focused products with a project management service model that provides clients with a “one-stop-shop” for reservoir monitoring, and completion technology.