Oxane Materials Announces Stronger, Lighter OxThor™ For Demanding Deepwater Applications

Oxane Materials, a Houston-based marketer and manufacturer of Advanced Ceramic Proppant®, today announced OxThor™, a highly conductive, stronger, lighter proppant focused on high value, technologically-demanding Deepwater applications.

Reservoir quantities of OxThor™ are expected to be produced in 2014.  Conversations regarding field trials are underway with multiple Gulf of Mexico-focused operators.

“For any given weight, Oxane proppant is stronger.  For any given strength, Oxane proppant is lighter.  With a specific gravity of 3.0, crush fines less than 5% at 20,000 psi, and temperature resistance through 450 degrees F, OxThor will afford ʽMore oil production from high pressure, high temperature, offshore wells,'” said Chris Coker, President of Oxane Materials.

For more information on Oxane Materials, please visit or contact Clay Border, Vice President of Sales at 832-917-1090.


About Oxane Materials

Formed in 2002, Oxane Materials is headquartered in Houston, Texas and has manufacturing facilities in Van Buren, Arkansas. Oxane’s patented Advanced Ceramic Proppants®, travel more deeply and more uniformly into oil and gas formations than conventional proppants while also affording a more conductive channel for oil and gas to flow to the wellbore. For more information visit or call 713-574-6693.
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