MorphPackers Nominated for Energy Institute Technology Awards

Meta Downhole Ltd’s (Meta’s), MorphPacker products have been shortlisted for the Energy Institute’s Technology Awards. Winners will be announced at a ceremony taking place in London on 12 November 2015.

The awards recognise the value of energy to society and celebrate the energy industry and its people for their innovation and excellence. This year saw over 140 entries submitted for the competition. Meta entered its two new packer products, the Permanent and Frac MorphPacker.

Commenting on this technology, Kevin Stewart, CEO at Meta said: “It was essential that Meta’s packers could outperform the competition. Therefore, the Permanent and Frac MorphPacker have been engineered to be simple, reliable and high end, but more affordable than others on the market, delivering capital and operational cost savings to clients.”

The Permanent MorphPacker breaks the rules of conventional packer design. By using Metalmorphology a V0 packer with only 7 components, no moving parts, and no internal seals has been created. It’s a complete rethink of how packers are typically designed. A conventional packer has over 20 components, multiple internal seals, internal threads, and multiple moving parts etc all of which have to work perfectly together to create a seal. Shaping metal downhole also allows for a fullbore design that matches liner ID, a major advantage to operators.

The Frac MorphPacker is set to change the way in which operators approach re-stimulation. Meta aimed to offer a cost effective way to instantly isolate old perforations while maintaining the maximum ID, giving operators a quick and reliable way to re-stimulate their wells.

Meta has also been shortlisted for a Northern Star Business Award for R&D and a World Oil Award for Best Deepwater Technology this year.