Meta Triples Production in Norwegian Well for Major Operator


Meta, the premium downhole isolation company offering complete integrity across the life of the well, has successfully completed three contracts for a major Norwegian North Sea operator with its Meta Casing Reconnect™.

Following the success of the first project, which saw production triple for what was already the operator’s most productive well in the field, Meta secured a further two contracts to solve similar challenges.

In order to convert its wells to gas lift, the operator required a solution which would allow them to realign a wellhead without altering its height whilst establishing full integrity.

Using Meta’s patented Metalmorphology™ technology, the Casing Reconnect met these requirements, providing a life of well metal-to-metal solution with flexible space-out and no reduction in ID.

By using the Casing Reconnect, the existing casing was cut and replaced which successfully realigned the wellhead, new tubing seals were installed and a permanent gas-tight connection with full integrity was provided.

Production was immediately regained on the most productive well in the field, which resulted in an increase in production valued at around $270 million dollars for 2014 as well as sustaining production and profitability for the long-term.

The operator continued to use the Casing Reconnect on two other projects, which allowed well integrity to be regained, production and profitability to increase, and the well to be converted to gas lift simply and quickly.   

Without the use of Meta’s technology, the operator would not have been able to achieve tension in the casing, which would have resulted in the casing collapsing. The Casing Reconnect was the only product able to assure a gas-tight connection for the life of the well, without such, the potential for leaks and lost time would have greatly increased.  

“Our Casing Reconnect is a truly unique technology which, with its high axial load bearing, and metal-to metal sealing capabilities that do not reduce IDs, means that it is a remediation solution which makes economic sense,” comments Kevin Stewart, CEO of Meta.

“These three projects highlight the benefits of this technology, from tripling production and minimising downtime to sustaining profitability for the long term”.

The Meta Casing Reconnect™ also replaces stuck or damaged casing, without the need for lengthy fishing operations, keeping drilling programmes on schedule.