Meta Showcasing MorphPackers at ADIPEC

Meta Downhole Ltd (Meta) will be showcasing its MorphPacker range at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) from the 9th to the 12th of November 2015.

Middle Eastern Operators are faced with new challenges in extracting ‘new’ oil and gas from much deeper complexed reservoirs thus requiring a different approach demanding new techniques to address today’s life of well integrity requirements. Meta has directly addressed these local challenges keeping in mind today’s economic restrictions by developing a range of low cost and high performance packers.

The Permanent MorphPacker is a cased hole production packer. It can also be used as a liner top packer with anchoring in uncemented applications, and is suitable for geothermal and HPHT completions. It breaks the rules of conventional packer design. By using Meta’s patented Metalmorphology technology, a V0 packer with only 7 components, no moving parts, and no internal seals has been created. It allows for a fullbore design that matches liner ID, a major advantage to operators.

Not only does the product cost less but it more reliable, faster and easier to install than competitor packers saving operators money in terms of rig time, requires less equipment in the first place as operationally it can carry out the role of multiple products, so also simplifies supply chain.

The Zonal Isolation MorphPacker provides life of well isolation in the open hole, exceeding the capabilities of cement. With a morphing ratio of over 60% and its differential pressure capabilities, this durable and reliable packer sets instantly, compared to swellables, conforming perfectly to the wellbore.

Multiple packers can be morphed and set from surface, saving valuable time and resources. The packers are attached to base casing and are resistant to any degradation from produced fluids. Contact force is also maintained in the most challenging of gas production and injection environments.

The Frac MorphPacker offers a cost effective way to instantly isolate old perforations, while maintaining the maximum ID, giving operators a quick and reliable way to re-stimulate their wells. Instead of using degradable balls which can be unreliable, or using expensive liners, Meta has created a packer that uses standard liners and still maintains standard liner IDs. This reliable and affordable solution is flexible as it’s configurable for both plug and guns and ball drop sleeve systems.

For more information visit Meta on the Al Ghaith stand, number 5310 & 5320 Hall 5.