Hicor Technologies Hosts Technology Preview Day

Hicor Technologies, Inc. hosted a Technology Preview event for a select group of industry attendees on March 31, 2015. The event, which took place at Hicor’s corporate office in Houston, included management presentations and a tour of Hicor’s state-of-the-art technology lab.

Guests were given a rare inside look at the test cells for Hicor’s multiphase/wet gas compression technology. This technology minimizes operating expenses and capital investment, while reducing environmental footprints. In addition, the technology maximizes yield from liquids-rich hydrocarbon resources.

Hicor is revolutionizing natural gas production with a simpler compressor design that occupies a smaller footprint resulting in reduced field operating costs. Below are some of the highlights illustrated during the Technology Preview:

* Breakthrough Technology Delivers Significant Benefits to Customers: low vibration and noise, improved efficiency, high compression ratios in a single stage, reduced wellhead complexity, enabling recovery of more lucrative hydrocarbon liquids.

* Game Changing Economics: multiphase production keeps all liquids entrained in the gas stream to maximize yield, lifting of total hydrocarbon recovery, enables low cost direct installation of gas lift.

* Proven Science and Rapidly Accelerating Testing Progress: all targeted performance metrics have been achieved, three prototypes previously developed and tested with fourth and fifth currently running, field tests being planned at well sites.

Pedro Santos, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, said, “I am proud of the achievements that have been made in developing this innovative technology so far and I look forward to deploying units in the field. The feedback we’ve received from key producers and packagers has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The program featured presentations from Pedro Santos, Chief Operating and Financial Officer Jeff Martini, Chief Technology Officer Seshu Seshasai, and Senior Vice President of Engineering Jeremy Pitts. Event attendees included representatives from major oil and gas producers, international conglomerates, compressor packagers and distributors, and industrial equipment manufacturers.

About Hicor Technologies, Inc.
Founded in 2010 out of MIT as OsComp Systems, Inc. and secured investment in 2011 by Energy Ventures and Chevron Technology Ventures as investors and partners. During 2013, the Company spun off its CNG virtual pipeline business and rebranded in 2014 as Hicor Technologies. Hicor’s management team has extensive experience in engineering, technology, development, oilfield and manufacturing operations, and innovation. Leading the industry as one of the only companies in North America to have made major advancements in gas compression technology in the past 50 years, Hicor is passionate about enabling a more profitable and environmentally-friendly natural gas economy. To learn more about Hicor Technologies, Inc. please visit