GeoTeric Releases 2015.3 Software Version

The release today of GeoTeric 2015.3 marks another major step in the evolution of Cognitive Interpretation.

With the advancement of broadband seismic, there is a growing need for high resolution analysis techniques that are compatible with the complex waveforms of broadband data.

With the 2015.3 release, GeoTeric brings ground breaking high resolution frequency decomposition technologies suitable for both broadband & conventional data.
High Definition Frequency Decomposition (HDFD) utilises advanced frequency splitting techniques developed for the complex waveforms of broadband seismic. In line with the rest of the GeoTeric software it is an interactive, example driven tool – designed to work in symbiosis with your cognitive capabilities. This symbiosis encourages progressive thinking and an improved understanding of the geology, before interpreting.

The HDFD technique allows you to reveal at seismic resolution, the detail of the geological elements in your data leading to a more precise delineation and extraction of the stratigraphic features.

Dr Gaynor Paton, Director of Geosciences said, “This announcement marks another industry first with the continued development of the GeoTeric application. Extending the popular HDFD tool so that it is effective on the complex waveform of broadband data keeps GeoTeric up to date with the advances in seismic acquisition techniques. Additional enhancements to the Noise Expression and Fault Expression tools ensures that these example driven workflows continue to address the challenges faced by our users.”

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