Fotech to Demonstrate DAS for Oil & Gas at Shale Gas World Europe

Fotech Solutions, the linear asset monitoring technology specialists, will be exhibiting at Shale Gas World Europe on 25th-26th November in Warsaw, Poland. Fotech will be presenting how its Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology can help enhance the safety and efficiency of shale gas production for Oil & Gas majors.

As part of the exhibition Fotech will be illustrating how its Helios DAS system can improve operations for extraction and production of shale gas with real-time monitoring of hydraulic fracturing, production monitoring, well integrity testing and other life-of-well applications. It will also be providing insights into how the recent partnership with Interpretive Software Products (ISP) is helping optimise DAS deployments to maximise the value of the data that can be acquired via DAS during operations.

Chris Shannon, CEO, Fotech Solutions, commented: “Shale gas exploration has aroused significant safety and environmental concerns. It is only by increasing the amount of information available to well engineers that these concerns can be addressed. Therefore, bringing technology vendors and operators together at shows such as Shale Gas World Europe is a vital for stimulating progress within the Oil & Gas industry.

“By simultaneously listening at every point in the well and monitoring real-time down hole fluid flow during fracturing operations, DAS can provide data and interpretative tools that have not been possible until now. This increased intelligence means DAS stands to significantly improve the efficiency, safety and environmental impact of shale gas production.”

Helios DAS from Fotech converts an optical fibre, up to 40km long, into the equivalent of tens of thousands of individual vibration sensors. Real-time detection of the vibrations caused by acoustic disturbance at each point along the fibre enables engineers to ‘visualise’ and record what’s going on down hole with greater clarity than ever before. As such, Helios DAS provides data and interpretative tools that have not been possible until now to improve the efficiency of oil and gas exploration, production and delivery.

To see Helios DAS in action visit Fotech at stand 11 at Shale Gas World Europe 2014.

The 5th annual Shale Gas World event will welcome over 500 attendees and connect shale gas operators with local and national governments, European authorities, license holders, investors, and solution providers.