Fotech announces partnership with Sercel

Fotech is pleased to announce today a new technical partnership with Sercel, the market leader in seismic data acquisition equipment.


The partnership will see Fotech’s pioneering Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS) monitoring technology integrated with Sercel’s seismic tools and software. The combined solution significantly enhances subsurface seismic operations – giving oil and gas operators access to high-quality data sets that deliver greater insight into the status of their assets.

Fotech’s DAS technology enables operators to ‘visualise’, locate and record what is happening downhole at every point of the well in real-time, adding a new layer of intelligence to the monitoring process. Deploying DAS in combination with Sercel’s monitoring instruments provides new capabilities in reservoir profiling and production monitoring.

The integrated technology will be flexible enough to be run independently or in tandem with geophones for the optimum solution. Regardless of deployment scenario, however, Fotech and Sercel are bringing added value to both seismic service companies and operators alike.

Chris Shannon, CEO of Fotech Solutions, said: “As a market leader, we’re always looking for ways in which to innovate and drive the oil and gas industry forward. The partnership with Sercel provides us with a perfect platform to showcase the benefits that fibre optic monitoring technology can deliver.”

Pascal Rouiller, CEO Sercel, said: “We are delighted to enter into this partnership with Fotech Solutions. Fotech’s fibre optic technology will enable Sercel’s downhole seismic equipment to extend the boundaries of well exploration and therefore lead to a better understanding of the subsurface. This is a significant step forward for the oil & gas industry.”