DeepFlex Selected by RPSEA for Phase 3 of Field Development Supply Project

DeepFlex is proud to announce that RPSEA has awarded Phase 3 of their “Qualification of Flexible Fiber-Reinforced Pipe for 10,000-Foot Water Depths” project. Phase 3 of the project – Field Development Supply – includes field specific engineering, fabrication, delivery, deployment and operations of the actual deepwater riser system as an ultimate verification of the composite fiber reinforcement technology.  This award demonstrates the confidence that RPSEA and supporting operator companies have in DeepFlex technology and delivery capabilities.

The riser system is scheduled to be delivered and ready for installation in September 2016. The main maximum capability requirements are: 10,000 foot water depth, 7-inch ID, 120⁰C temperature, sour service, and a 25-year design life. Its design and manufacturing will be conducted in accordance with API 17J, API 17B, DNV OS-C501 and DNV RP-A203.  Prototype development, testing and riser manufacturing will be performed at DeepFlex’s Pensacola Plant, which is currently under construction.

This riser system is to date the most challenging application of composite fiber materials in subsea risers and pipelines. The benefits of the composite technology – light weight and corrosion resistance – are key enablers for future ultra-deepwater fields and offer significant value for challenging subsea field developments worldwide.

The award is a major milestone for DeepFlex and is a result of years of hard work and perseverance in developing new technology in the subsea oil and gas production industry. The entire DeepFlex team would like to thank RPSEA and supporting operators for their backing, input and direction. Without their vision and dedication could not have progressed to this stage of development.

“We are extremely honored that RPSEA selected our project. This is the ultimate demonstration of our capabilities in research, development, engineering and qualification of high technology flexible pipe solutions for harsh and challenging environments,” said Felipe Lamego, DeepFlex President and CEO. “The award of phase 3 is a key step in technology development and also a cornerstone of success of DeepFlex’s plant in Pensacola, FL, further stimulating future growth of the region.”


Funding for the projects is provided through the “Ultra-Deepwater and Unconventional Natural Gas and Other Petroleum Resources Research and Development Program” authorized by the Energy Policy Act of 2005. This program – funded from lease bonuses and royalties paid by industry to produce oil and gas on federal lands – is designed to assess and mitigate risk enhancing the environmental sustainability of oil and gas exploration and production activities. RPSEA is under contract with the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory to administer three areas of research. RPSEA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit consortium with more than 180 members, including 24 of the nation’s premier research universities, five national laboratories, other major research institutions, large and small energy producers and energy consumers. The mission of RPSEA, headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas, is to provide a stewardship role in ensuring the focused research, development and deployment of safe and environmentally responsible technology that can effectively deliver hydrocarbons from domestic resources to the citizens of the United States. Additional information can be found at

About DeepFlex

Headquartered in Houston, Texas USA with sales and engineering facilities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, DeepFlex develops, designs, and manufactures premium, all composite as well as hybrid unbonded flexible pipe used in the global subsea oil and gas production environment. As the world’s only manufacturer of unbonded non-metallic pipe for deepwater applications, the patented DeepFlex products are lighter, less costly to install, and do not suffer the corrosive effects of harsh environment service. For more information on the products and services provided by DeepFlex, visit the company’s web site at


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