ARKeX Recommence SE Barents Sea FTG Survey

ARKeX has recommenced acquiring a Multi-Client Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry (FTG) survey within the South Eastern Barents Sea. The survey, started last year but postponed due to weather, will cover 42,784 Sq. km over the proposed NPD licencing areas.

The principal aim of the marine FTG survey is to provide a high resolution gravity gradiometry dataset to help delineate complex structural features that can be associated with hydrocarbon-bearing basins and trapping structures. Faults, salt morphology and basement structure are readily highlighted. Initial results from this regional survey are very promising and already the value of FTG data within this geologically complex region is clear.

Chris Anderson, EVP Multi-Client at ARKeX, commented, “We are pleased to be back in the Barents Sea to finish what we started . The data from the FTG survey will offer a considerable upgrade in resolution of the shallow sections in the Barents Sea compared to conventional marine gravity and magnetic data and when used in conjunction with 2D and 3D seismic data, FTG data will provide a powerful tool for regional structural interpolation”.

On completion of the acquisition the data will be sent back to ARKeX’s office in Cambridge UK for processing and interpretation. The complete deliverables set will be available from August 2014.



About ARKeX

ARKeX is a provider of  geophysical imaging services for the oil & gas exploration industries. ARKeX specialises in the acquisition of multi-client and proprietary Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry (FTG) data. FTG surveys measure minute variations in the earth’s gravitational field to help image subsurface structures. FTG has a much higher bandwidth and delivers a higher resolution image than conventional gravity surveys. It can be used alongside seismic data to provide an improved interpretation and also as a stand-alone service. In addition, ARKeX process and interpret conventional gravity and magnetic data as well as brokering multi-client non-seismic data. Based in Cambridge, UK, ARKeX has offices in Sherington, UK, Houston, USA, and has global operational capabilities.